Why orgdata?

Organisations need data

To manage organisations efficiently, we need data

The name also reflects my two main fields: organisation and data protection

Nowadays organisation inevitably involves informatics. To transform or modernise organisations the IT landscape also has to be adapted and to use IT, the processes and the setup ofthe organisation must be put into order

Information needs to be extracted from the data - one must make them speak and disclose meaniingful information. This is the task of controlling.

Data almost always involve persons - if not else, the users of the IT systems. These users' data are processed by the system, their credentials need to be safeguarded and properly handled.

On the other hand, these users often have access to personal data and this access needs to be kept at the minimum necessary for their work.

Main activities

  • Planning and managing projects
  • Business analysis
    = review of processes to discover opportunities for simplification and streamlining
    = preparing functional specifications and assistance in preparing the technical specifications which IT people understand
    = accompanying system and database design to ensure it vomplies with both user needs and data protection rules
  • Designing internal control systems, including antifraud strategy
  • Setting up data protection compliance
  • Acting as data protection officer on a contract basis
  • designing and holding training sessions

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